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The influence of "4 + 7" procurement policy in drug field on high value Consumables Market

Issuing time:2021-03-23 09:36

Under the current time node, driven by the poor expectation of centralized purchasing policy and medium-term performance events, the bone and joint market of high-value consumables will further change. At present, the lack of productivity of orthopedic medical devices is still a big problem.

Compound annual growth rate of orthopedic market exceeds 15%

According to public data, in recent years, with the progress of medical technology, the enhancement of medical insurance and personal payment ability, and the aggravation of aging population, the demand for treatment in China's orthopedic market has been released rapidly, with a compound annual growth rate of more than 15%.

At present, domestic orthopedic implant consumables manufacturers continue to promote product innovation and technology upgrading, and their market share has further improved.

Last year, the introduction of "4 + 7" procurement policy with quantity in the pharmaceutical field, the implementation of medical insurance fee control and the two ticket system in the field of high-value consumables were experimented in some provinces and cities, which had a great impact on the future development of high-value consumables industry.

In mid July, the National Health Insurance Bureau held a relevant forum on 4 + 7 centralized purchasing, which many enterprises participated in. From the content of the meeting, it has been determined that the centralized purchasing work will be linked in a large range. It should be noted that the centralized purchasing policy tends to be moderate when one company wins the bid to three companies.

At present, orthopedic joint related products are a subdivision category of orthopedic implants. Due to the attribute of non-standard products, it is difficult to carry out national centralized procurement.

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